Dockerized Hawkular builds available

A blog post by Heiko W. Rupp

docker | kettle

As described earlier, we have assembled all the components of Hawkular into a single package, the Kettle. This allows you to just build/download one package, start and work with it instead of caring of the individual sub-packages.

To make the process to play with Hawkular even easier, we have also created a build-pipeline that creates a Docker image out of the Kettle and publishes it to Docker Hub as hawkular/hawkular.

You can download and run them like this:

$ docker run -d -p 8081:8080 hawkular/hawkular

After the download of the image has finished, it will take a while until Hawkular is fully started up. When it is up, you can reach the Hawkular UI at http://localhost:8081/ ( If you are running docker on OS/X via boot2docker, you need to use the IP address that is stored in the DOCKER_HOST environment variable instead of localhost.)

More information is available in the Getting started document.

Published by Heiko W. Rupp on 30 March 2015


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