The fifth milestone of Hawkular released

A blog post by Heiko W.Rupp

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Hawkular, the monitoring platform, is happy to announce the release of its fourth milestone 1.0.0.Alpha5.

Improvements in WildFly handling

Along with other improvments and bug fixes, this release has again circled around improved support for WildFly kind of servers.

Deploy to WildFly servers

It is now possible to upload deployments to managed WildFly servers

On the deployments subtab, there is now a button that triggers a wizard to upload a deployment to a managed server:

Deployment step
Figure 1. Wizard step to add a deployment

Creation of JDBC driver modules

There is also a new dialog to add a JDBC driver to a managed WildFly server

Add JDBC-Driver button
Figure 2. Add JDBC-Driver button

JDR Report

And last but not least it is possible to obtain a so called 'JBoss Diagnostic Report' from a managed server, which can then be sent to Red Hat support when a case has been opened. You will find a button at the end of the WildFly server pages.

Full list of Jira issues fixed in this release: Release Notes - Hawkular - Version 1.0.0.Alpha5

Watch the demo online


You can download the release here:

What’s next?

The next Alpha is planned for October 21st, and we are looking forward to work on the following features:

  • Central alert center

  • Improve handling of JDBC drivers

  • Creation of data sources

  • Easier installation of the WildFly agent

Published by Heiko W.Rupp on 23 September 2015


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