Release Notes - Hawkular - Version 1.0.0.Alpha5

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Release Notes - Hawkular - Version 1.0.0.Alpha5


  • HAWKULAR-93 - Too narrow window clips off chart, even if enough space would be available

  • HAWKULAR-137 - Availability not reported/initialized for sites returning 3xx codes

  • HAWKULAR-182 - Box model for h2 tags stays on top of other content

  • HAWKULAR-208 - subdomain* for public Hawkular instances

  • HAWKULAR-359 - Changing alert threshold does not (directly) update response time chart

  • HAWKULAR-390 - Url List: Clicking on unresolved alerts takes you to empty alerts screen

  • HAWKULAR-395 - GULP: Watch deleted files are not deleted from target location

  • HAWKULAR-413 - Chart does not show 1st data point

  • HAWKULAR-430 - add-user Wildfly broken due to missing 'domain' directory

  • HAWKULAR-450 - Hawkular Charts: Standalone charts dont' work

  • HAWKULAR-472 - Querying GitHub api is unreliable on Travis so it fails nondeterministically

  • HAWKULAR-493 - Remove WildFly BoM import from Hawkular Parent POM

  • HAWKULAR-496 - Counter Metrics don't graph well

  • HAWKULAR-506 - Sites with more than 7.5 seconds response time report as down

  • HAWKULAR-508 - Make hawkular running also on non-8080 ports

  • HAWKULAR-509 - Error on starting Hawkular- OutOfMemoryError: unable to create new native thread

  • HAWKULAR-510 - Deploying Hawkular on HTTPS causes mixed content warnings

  • HAWKULAR-520 - Cancel button on login page leads to nonfunctional app

  • HAWKULAR-522 - Theme loading error in server log

  • HAWKULAR-523 - Traits for URLs are not on the detail page

  • HAWKULAR-524 - UP/Down chart does not show hh/mm in 1st minute

  • HAWKULAR-525 - Hover in avail chart does not give (exact) duration of state

  • HAWKULAR-529 - Problems with some HTTPS servers

  • HAWKULAR-532 - Charting should display something when there is an error

  • HAWKULAR-533 - Charts tend to get only partially displayed

  • HAWKULAR-534 - Charts don't handle large numbers properly

  • HAWKULAR-543 - Select all deployments via "select all checkbox" dosnt work

  • HAWKULAR-550 - Alert dialogs need On/Off toggle switch for Notifications.

  • HAWKULAR-554 - URL reports x% availability for a site that is always down

  • HAWKULAR-564 - Graph shows max 1 week of data

  • HAWKULAR-565 - Bring/expose the new Inventory REST APIs into the ui-services

  • HAWKULAR-576 - Hawkular UI -Plink Profile doesn't work

  • HAWKULAR-580 - Padding needed to the left and right of URL list title/heading.

  • HAWKULAR-582 - Unable to update to latest hawtio.oauth (2.0.29 from 2.0.7)

  • HAWKULAR-583 - Broken link in Open case if not loged into RedHat Account

  • HAWKULAR-588 - Url List traits not properly formatted if long

  • HAWKULAR-589 - Deploying from Add New Deployment requires Server Restart

  • HAWKULAR-591 - Application server's wars throw Error on Action.

  • HAWKULAR-594 - Top nav bar not accessible in small size browser

  • HAWKULAR-596 - GC chart timeline not lining up with Heap charts'

  • HAWKULAR-600 - Checkstyle: import ordering is not verified in Groovy files

  • HAWKULAR-602 - Accounts version 0.6.10 Current Persona Url not Found

  • HAWKULAR-603 - Command Gateway should not forward passwords sent by feeds to the UI

  • HAWKULAR-606 - Charts not showing red background when whole data is over threshold

  • HAWKULAR-607 - WebSocket Auth - Credentials and Token are inverted

  • HAWKULAR-610 - File chooser for add-deployment only accepts .zip by default

  • HAWKULAR-611 - Filtering and selecting all deployments doesn't respect the filter

  • HAWKULAR-614 - Web socket already Closed before

  • HAWKULAR-615 - Authentication fails in WebSocket

  • HAWKULAR-624 - Only 1 server is shown in app list at a time


  • HAWKULAR-328 - Pinger needs to stop depending on inventory.war

  • HAWKULAR-358 - Add Checkstyle rule to enforce the order of Java imports

  • HAWKULAR-370 - Wizard needed to support "Add Deployment" button in "Deployments" table.

  • HAWKULAR-386 - Use property for development version in

  • HAWKULAR-405 - Chart labels - x-axis text

  • HAWKULAR-408 - Charts should take the whole width space

  • HAWKULAR-439 - Inconsistent user notification messaging in the UI.

  • HAWKULAR-454 - Accounts Path

  • HAWKULAR-485 - Rename 'rest.war' to 'hawkular-rest.war'

  • HAWKULAR-501 - Let agent collect and store IP addresses of application servers

  • HAWKULAR-507 - WF->deployments->Action dropdown needs to auto-close

  • HAWKULAR-514 - Upgrade Cassandra in Embedded Cassandra module

  • HAWKULAR-552 - Coordinate page-level filtered alerts with alert center presentation.

  • HAWKULAR-584 - Add Infinite Scrolling to Url List

  • HAWKULAR-587 - Add actions to Datasource tab

  • HAWKULAR-593 - Offer means to view alert details, from the filtered alerts on metrics screens.

  • HAWKULAR-599 - Enable Standalone charts for Multiline Chart type

  • HAWKULAR-601 - Update UI services to new Alerts API

  • HAWKULAR-605 - User friendly representation of "resources/path" in the UI.

  • HAWKULAR-608 - Optionally enable/disable New Deployments

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