Release Notes - Hawkular - Version 1.0.0.Alpha7

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Release Notes - Hawkular - Version 1.0.0.Alpha7


  • HAWKULAR-414 - Datasource wait time color is too light

  • HAWKULAR-502 - 404 for url-list

  • HAWKULAR-518 - App Server Deployments View - Hidden tooltip

  • HAWKULAR-523 - Traits for URLs are not on the detail page

  • HAWKULAR-678 - Unable to Upload war file if starting Hawkular with bind address

  • HAWKULAR-697 - Document screens that are not reacting to "SwitchedPersona" event

  • HAWKULAR-708 - Integration toto for JDR on command-gateway

  • HAWKULAR-730 - In user settings, allow Save only when the content of the input changes

  • HAWKULAR-735 - Update graph of dependencies on hawkular's page

  • HAWKULAR-740 - Add profile to itotos for agent to enable debugging

  • HAWKULAR-744 - [Charts] Bar charts hover occasionally freezes on screen

  • HAWKULAR-745 - Skip XA Properties step for Non-XA Datasources

  • HAWKULAR-747 - Broken build - lint of TS failed, dist build fails

  • HAWKULAR-748 - Error on empty notes of Alerts

  • HAWKULAR-751 - Avail Creator: server runs out of memory under heavy load

  • HAWKULAR-752 - Date/Time settings do not persist across primary sections and Alert Center.

  • HAWKULAR-756 - Fix the tsd typescript d.ts defintions in Hawkular

  • HAWKULAR-757 - Integration totos for Accounts

  • HAWKULAR-758 - Slim the WARs

  • HAWKULAR-767 - Snapshot-7: Hawkular Start Failure

  • HAWKULAR-771 - Hawkular cannot build on a pristine environment

  • HAWKULAR-772 - Move Cassandra driver to commons

  • HAWKULAR-779 - Chart drag selections that don't handle the 'on' drag selection have a phantom selection

  • HAWKULAR-781 - UI only allows .zip for jdbc driver upload (on Safari)

  • HAWKULAR-782 - Some lines in multi-line charts sometimes go off the chart area (and cut off)

  • HAWKULAR-783 - Increase attempts for Session initialization

  • HAWKULAR-788 - Topology view keeps showing the waiting spinner when no resource.

  • HAWKULAR-794 - The topology graph doesn't work on FF

  • HAWKULAR-799 - Global Date Picker formats as 2 lines when 12 hr selected

  • HAWKULAR-800 - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Note must have non-null user and text

  • HAWKULAR-805 - Integrate alerts 0.6.0 into hawkular

  • HAWKULAR-806 - Make the agent installer more convenient for the user and accessible from UI

  • HAWKULAR-807 - Report Hawkular server as "Hawkular"

  • HAWKULAR-810 - Keycloak Syntax error messages in browser logs (thousands)

  • HAWKULAR-811 - Datasource Alerts issue in UI


  • HAWKULAR-485 - Rename 'rest.war' to 'hawkular-rest.war' (or better yet, remove it)

  • HAWKULAR-500 - Add ng-annotate minification to Gulp build

  • HAWKULAR-571 - Alerts Categorization

  • HAWKULAR-665 - Revise screen layouts for Application Server screens

  • HAWKULAR-668 - Improve Delete URL interaction

  • HAWKULAR-702 - Add Chart Date drag time range selection to Hawular Console

  • HAWKULAR-736 - Invalid email message needs to have error style

  • HAWKULAR-737 - Disable links "Manage organizations" and "User settings" when using hawkular as an organization

  • HAWKULAR-791 - Add new build to gulp without minification

  • HAWKULAR-798 - Create a global default time setting of 12hrs.

  • HAWKULAR-802 - [Charts] Create Context Chart for Zoom/out/in (google finance style)

  • HAWKULAR-808 - Alerts sidebar: Replace badge with "settings," and move timestamp over.

  • HAWKULAR-813 - Use ICANN reserved domain name rather than

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