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General terms


This is a concept in Hawkular-Alerts that allows to "verify" an alerting condition. As an example, sometimes one only wants to trigger an alert when the same conditions occurs at least three times in 5 minutes.


A feed is a source of incoming data to pe processed by Hawkular. Usually a feed is something like an agent that is collecting data, but it could also be an application sending data or a shell-script using the curl command to submit the data.


an User or Organization that can be part of an Organization.


a non-user which has an Owner and a set of Members. In most cases, consumers of Hawkular Accounts do not need to deal directly with organizations.


owns a Resource [1], and can be (currently) either a Hawkular User or an Organization.


either a User or an Organization. A real User can be impersonating an Organization, so, this Organization would be the current Persona. In most cases, the current Persona corresponds to an intuitive notion of the "current user" or "current tenant".


implemented in Hawkular with the concept of Persona. Each tenant has an isolated view of the system and does not have access to data outside of its own boundaries.


The Trigger definition consits of the rules when incoming conditions should trigger (fire) an

1. A Resource following the definition of Hawkular Accounts


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