Installation Guide

Hawkular Metrics standalone installation instructions

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This guide will help you to install a standalone Metrics server as well as PTrans.


Java 8

You need a Java Virtual Machine compatible with Java 8. Hawkular Metrics runs on the OpenJDK or Oracle runtime environment.

Other Java 8 compatible runtime environments should work as well.

Apache Cassandra

Hawkular Metrics relies on Apache Cassandra for data storage.

Cassandra 2.2.2 or later is required. It is recommended to use the latest 2.2.x release if possible.
Cassandra 2.1.x is no longer supported.

You may download a distribution zip file from the Apache Cassandra download page. You could also use the Datastax community packages for:

Installing the server

Download a Wildfly 10 archive and expand it somewhere on your disk.

Check out the Metrics releases page and download the latest version of the web application archive: hawkular-metrics-api-jaxrs-X.Y.Z.war

Copy hawkular-metrics-api-jaxrs-X.Y.Z.war to the standalone/deployments directory of the Wildfly server.

Eventually start the server with bin/

Installing PTrans

Check out the Metrics releases page and download the latest version of the PTrans distribution archive: Expand it somewhere on your disk.

You can start PTrans with the following command: java -jar ptrans-all.jar -c <path to ptrans.conf>


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