Hawkular APM improvements for OpenShift

A blog post by Juraci Paixão Kröhling

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In our last release, we added a few improvements for applications deployed in OpenShift, such as an automatic way to recognize the name of the service. The name consists of the OpenShift’s build name for the application, prepended with the namespace to avoid clashes. For instance, if you have the "Order Manager" application deployed in OpenShift under the build name order-manager-1, under a project (namespace) called my-project, the service name that is visible on Hawkular APM is my-project.order-manager. In addition, we are recording also the build stamp, such as my-project.order-manager-1 for the first build of the service my-project.order-manager.

Service name from environment

We also improved our Vert.x OpenTracing, promoting it to the examples directory on the main Hawkular APM source code repository. We refactored it and prepared an Ansible playbook, so that it can be deployed in just a few minutes, preparing the whole OpenShift infrastructure as needed. Do give it a try!

On a Fedora 25 with Docker, OpenShift Origin Clients and Ansible, all that it’s required is this:

ansible-playbook vertx-opentracing.yml

Once the playbook finishes running, you’ll have an OpenShift cluster running with Hawkular APM on it and our Eclipse Vert.x example "Order Manager", instrumented using OpenTracing APIs. Refer to the README file on the example’s source code directory for more info on how to access the OpenShift console and Hawkular APM UI.


For a completely fresh install on Fedora 25, the whole environment can be created with the following commands:

sudo dnf install -y docker origin-clients ansible maven
sudo sh -c "echo \"INSECURE_REGISTRY='--insecure-registry'\" >> /etc/sysconfig/docker"
sudo systemctl start docker
mkdir -p /opt/hawkular-apm/ ; cd /opt/hawkular-apm/
git clone https://github.com/hawkular/hawkular-apm.git .
mvn clean install -Dcheckstyle.skip=true -Dlicense.skip=true -Dxml.skip=true -DskipTests -Dnoui
cd examples/vertx-opentracing
ansible-playbook vertx-opentracing.yml

If you need any assistance, feel free to join us via IRC at #hawkular on Freenode.

Published by Juraci Paixão Kröhling on 16 December 2016


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