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In the latest release of Hawkular APM we have added a new OpenTracing implementation. This time we decided to add a JavaScript provider, therefore, it is now possible to get timing metrics from a polyglot environment instrumented with our Java and JavaScript OpenTracing implementations.


Library is implemented against the latest version (0.13.0) of OpenTracing JavaScript API. Data is reported to APM via HTTP. For debugging purposes it is possible to use a console recorder. From the sampling perspective it allows developers to add their own sampling mechanism. In the future releases we will add more built-in samplers.

The following code snippet shows how to initialize and create spans in JavaScript code. It works for a web browser and Node.js application.

Tracer initialization.
const opentracing = require('opentracing');
const hawkularAPM = require('hawkular-apm-opentracing');

const tracer = new hawkularAPM.APMTracer({
    recorder: new hawkularAPM.ConsoleRecorder(),
    sampler: new hawkularAPM.AlwaysSampledSampler()


const span = opentracing.globalTracer().startSpan('name');

After the initialization tracer instance can be obtained via opentracing.globalTracer() method.

Want To Try It?

Our Github repository contains two example applications. One of which is tracing requests from a web browser across Node.js backed services. Examples contain detailed instructions on how to run them.

Following code snippet shows tracing server requests in Node.js express framework.

Tracing requests on the server.
const app = express();

app.get('/api', function(req, res) {
    const serverSpan = opentracing.globalTracer().startSpan('api', {
        childOf: tracer.extract(opentracing.FORMAT_TEXT_MAP, req.headers),
        tags: {
            'http.method': 'GET',
            'http.url': `http://${req.headers.host}${req.url}`,

     * Business logic

    serverSpan.setTag('http.status_code', 200);

Published by Pavol Loffay on 16 November 2016


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