Introducing HawkFX

A blog post by Heiko W. Rupp

javafx | jruby | ruby

HawkFX is an explorer for Hawkular. It is a pet project of mine and hosted on Github.

HawkFX main screen
Figure 1. Main screen with availability popup

What is it?

As the Hawkular-services distribution only contains the server and not UI on purpose, I had the need to explore the content of the inventory and metrics. Of course this is easily doable via curl commands, but ever so often I mistyped or did not correctly escape the forbidden characters in a URL. At around the same time I intensivated my work on the Hawkular Ruby client, so I started creating some tool in Ruby. I was looking first at some other Ruby UI toolkit, but that did not really please me. After a bit of investigation I came around JRubyFX, which is cool, as it combines Ruby with JavaFX.


The explorer requires JRuby in version 9+ and Java8

If you are using rvm you can select JRuby9 via

rvm use jruby-

There is no distribution yet. So you need to clone the git-repository and use it from source

git clone
cd hawkfx

install and use bundler to install the required gems:

gem install bundler
bundle install

then run

bundle exec jruby hawkfx.rb


In an earlier stage of HawkFX I wrote a blog post on it on my personal blog.

Again: this is a pet project of mine with no support.

Published by Heiko W. Rupp on 13 July 2016


© 2016 | Hawkular is released under Apache License v2.0