Hawkular Services 0.0.2.Final

A blog post by Juraci Paixão Kröhling

hawkular-services | release

Hawkular Services is a new base line distribution including only the basic Hawkular components, such as Alerts, Inventory and Metrics. The version 0.0.2.Final has just been released and is ready to be tested and integrated with other projects.

Notable differences between the main Hawkular distribution and Hawkular Services are:

For more information on the details of this new distribution as well as the background, see the blog post New Hawkular packaging. Note that hawkular-core-services on that post is what we now know as hawkular-services.

Hawkular Services is released every week on Tuesdays.

To get started with Hawkular Services, download the latest release, unzip it, add a user and set the Agent to use the credentials for the user just added. It can be accomplished with the following commands:

export HAWKULAR_HOME="/path/to/hawkular-services"
export HAWKULAR_PASSWORD="password"

"${HAWKULAR_HOME}/bin/add-user.sh" \
  -a \
  -g read-write,read-only
"${HAWKULAR_HOME}/bin/standalone.sh" -Dhawkular.rest.user="${HAWKULAR_USERNAME}" -Dhawkular.rest.password="${HAWKULAR_PASSWORD}"

Published by Juraci Paixão Kröhling on 14 June 2016


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