Hawkular Inventory 0.15.0.Final - Release

A blog post by Lukas Krejci

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I’m happy to announce the release of Hawkular Inventory 0.15.0.Final.


This release was brewing for a long time and brings just 1 important and big feature.

Inventory Synchronization

To ensure only the minimal amount of work is done when syncing, feeds, resource and metric types as well as resources and metrics have now an associated "identity hash", which is a Merkle tree hash of the entity’s ID, important data (depends on entity type) and the hashes of its children. This way one can quickly check if a feed reported any new changes since the last time - just compare its identity hash with the last value known to you.

You can now describe the structure of the inventory a feed wants to report locally on the feed and report it back to inventory server - it will ensure that all creates, updates and deletes are applied so that inventory reflects what the feed "sees".


Apart from the inventory synchronization there’s been a handful of bugfixes and improvements and updates to REST documentation that should make it a little bit easier to understand (further enhancements are hopefully coming, we’re still learning how to use swagger in java efficiently ;-) ).

Additionally, the API of canonical paths has been extracted from the inventory project into Hawkular Commons and lives as a standalone artifact - http://origin-repository.jboss.org/nexus/content/repositories/public/org/hawkular/commons/hawkular-inventory-paths/. This was done to minimize the dependencies between various Hawkular components that need to use canonical paths.


In the future releases, we plan to refine the inventory sync further, restructure the REST API to get rid of the potential ambiguities and many other things.


Special thanks go out to Justine Tunney, Heiko Rupp, Jirka Kremser, Pavol Loffay and Peter Palaga for their contributions to the release.

Published by Lukas Krejci on 27 April 2016


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