Hawkular Metrics 0.14.0 - Release

A blog post by Stefan Negrea

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I am happy to announce release 0.14.0 of Hawkular Metrics. This release is anchored by the launch of a developer oriented distribution to help developers that want to integrate with Hawkular Metrics.

Major Changes

  1. Developer Distribution

    • First release of a Hawkular Metrics distribution oriented towards developers that integrate with Hawkular Metrics

    • This is an all inclusive distribution that developers can just download and run to easily test integration code

    • The distribution is available in two flavors :

      • Hawkular Metrics Web API + Wildfly 10 (requires an external C* cluster)

      • Hawkular Metrics Web APi + Wildfly 10 + Embedded Cassandra Server

    • The second distribution is available for installation on OS X via brew

      $ brew tap hawkular/hawkular
      $ brew install hawkular-metrics-ec
    • To download and use on other platforms:

    • For more details: HWKMETRICS-364, HWKMETRICS-366

  2. Upgraded Cassandra Driver

    • The Cassandra driver has been update to version 3.0.0

    • This is part of the planned upgrade to Cassandra 3.x

    • For more details: HWKMETRICS-359

  3. RxJava Improvements

    • Resolved an issue where the RX computation threads could block while iterating over data results

    • For more details: HWKMETRICS-357

Hawkular Metrics Clients

One of Hawkular Metrics' objectives is to be easy to integrate with; providing language specific clients is an important component for fulfilling this objective. Here is the current list of official clients:


A big "Thank you" goes to John Sanda, Thomas Segismont, Mike Thompson, Matt Wringe, Michael Burman, Libor Zoubek, and Heiko Rupp for their project contributions.

Published by Stefan Negrea on 29 March 2016


© 2016 | Hawkular is released under Apache License v2.0