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Hawkular Metrics contributors have been working for the past few weeks on a roadmap for the upcoming year. The goal is to give clarity on the project direction, serve as a planning tool for releases, and show our strong commitment to open source. The roadmap below contains proposals that will need further research before becoming actual project features. The design, implementation, and review processes are open to the community, so contributions and feedback are always welcomed.

The project and community are enjoying excellent growth. A maturing code base, an ever growing set of integrations, and consistent community contributions are ingredients that make this project successful and also an indication of the future.

For those not familiar with Hawkular Metrics, the project is a high performance and high availability storage engine for large volume metric data. Cassandra is used as the storage engine because of its flexible data model well suited for time-series data storage and linear scalability with no single point of failure.


  1. Cassandra 3.x

    • The 3.x release of Cassandra is maturing, making the perfect timing for the project to transition from current 2.2.x line

    • Expect this transition to happen rather soon since work is already in progress (driver updates, and a schema management tool)

  2. Pre-computed aggregates

    • Needed to support long term data storage and retrieval for high volume metrics

    • Single metrics roll-ups are also the foundation for pre-computed multi-metric aggregations, that goal is to work on this subsequent to single metric roll-ups

  3. Metric Enhancements

    • Histogram metrics are fairly common in other time series databases. The plan is to add histogram metrics as a sub-metric to existing gauge metrics, analogous to what counter-rate metrics are counter metrics. It is common to do the calculations need for the histogram on the client side, but there are a lot of advantages to push the calculations to the server.

    • Add support for metrics baselines; automatically computed server-side and stored

    • Implement an Apdex score, similar purpose to baselines, but based on the open standard

  4. Native Grafana integration

    • Grafana integration is important for Hawkular Metrics due to lack of a dedicated UI. Currently Grafana integration works through an InfluxDB compatibility layer that has obvious disadvantages (maintaining compatibility with InfluxDB, limited set of features based on the InfluxDB capability).

    • A native Grafana provider will be easier to maintain and expose the full feature set of Hawkular Metrics

  5. Developer Support

    • Provide a Hawkular Metrics distribution with all components needed for third-party developers to get a developer environment running with minimal effort

    • An easy-to-use and all-inclusive distribution will avoid having platform developers configure Wildfly server and a Casasndra cluster just to test or write integration code

  6. Data Import & Export APIs

    • The project already provides a growing set of APIs for querying metric data, but there are scenarios that require bulk data export into another system for further analysis. And vice-versa, import large amounts of data from another system for longer term storage and aggregation by Hawkular Metrics.

    • The goal is to provide APIs optimized for bulk importing or exporting data. Tools need to be both fast and easy to use, with the primary use case of moving a large amounts data well beyond the capability of current REST interface (eg. moving 100GB of data).

  7. ElasticSearch integration

    • An optional integration with Elastic Search for tasks beyond the capability of Cassandra.

    • Basic examples for this are whole tenant searches and aggregation of text based data, such as tags, and even availability.

If you have any other suggestion or would like to contribute to the project, please contact us; feedback is more than welcomed.

Published by Stefan Negrea on 16 March 2016


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