Hawkular Metrics 0.10.0 - Release

A blog post by Stefan Negrea

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I am happy to announce release 0.10.0 of Hawkular Metrics. This is a regular schedule release anchored by bus and performance and stability enhancements, and container work. This release is not as large as previous ones because of we have a few major updates that will make their way into 0.11.0.

Major Changes

  1. Containers

    • Docker containers for Hawkular Metrics REST Interface are now based on Wildfly 9 (HWKMETRICS-147)

    • The deprecated container images have been moved out of the Hawkular Metrics repository (HWKMETRICS-328)

  2. Hawkular Bus Integration

  3. Influx Endpoint

    • Use series name prefix to match a counter or a gauge (HWKMETRICS-66)

Hawkular Metrics Clients

One of Hawkular Metrics' objectives is to be easy to integrate with; providing language specific clients is an important component for fulfilling this objective. Here is the current list of official clients:


A big "Thank you" goes to John Sanda, Thomas Segismont, Mike Thompson, Matt Wringe, Michael Burman, Libor Zoubek, and Heiko Rupp for their project contributions.

Published by Stefan Negrea on 30 October 2015


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