The sixth milestone of Hawkular released

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Hawkular, the monitoring platform, is happy to announce the release of its sixth milestone 1.0.0.Alpha6.

Alert Center

We have started providing the so called 'Alert Center', a place where you can see all fired alerts and alert definitions in one place

Alert Center
Figure 1. List of definitions in Alert Center


We have also started providing support for organizations, where a user may belong to zero, one or more organizations. This to support multi-tenancy in Hawkular, so that it could be run in a central installation, but with multiple separate departments only seing their own resources

Figure 2. List of organization members

Creation and deletion of Data sources

There is also a new dialog to add a Datasource to a managed WildFly server

Add Datasource button
Figure 3. Add Datsource button and action drop-down

Agent installer

We have now a little helper, the wildfly-agent installer, that makes it much easier to install the agent inside a WildFly server.

Run the installer
java -jar target/hawkular-wildfly-monitor-installer-0.10.1.Final-SNAPSHOT-standalone.jar \
  --module=/path/to/ \
  --wildfly-home=/opt/wildfly-9.0.0.Final \

Hawkular Agent is then installed to Wildfly Server /opt/wildfly-9.0.0.Final as a module and is able to report to Hawkular Server located at http://myServer:8080.

Note that the installer uses a default of jdoe/password for user/password that is encoded in a properties file inside the installer jar. If you need a different value you need to edit those properties.

We will in the future (also) support the WildFly Feature packs.

Release notes

Full list of Jira issues fixed in this release: Release Notes - Hawkular - Version 1.0.0.Alpha6

Watch the demo online

Visit the recording here:

Most parts of the Ansible playbooks and roles shown are available on GitHub.

We will announce the next milestone demo on our Google Plus page.


You can download the release here:

The Wildfly-Monitor module is available standalone from:


What’s next?

The next Alpha is planned for November 18th, and we are planning to work on the following features:

  • More work on the alert center

  • More work on the organizations

  • Finish work for JDBC Drivers and Datasources

  • Support agent download from server for installer purposes

  • Start of an 'overview' page per app server


There are two easter-eggs in the release :-)

Published by Heiko W.Rupp on 21 October 2015


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