Hawkular, all good things make three!

A blog post by Heiko Rupp

hawkular | release

We are very happy to release the third version of Hawkular! As with the previous one, this was the most important release of Hawkular so far.

App server support

The main focus of this release clearly was the extended monitoring of WildFly application servers.

For the moment you will need to instrument your server manually following these instructions. We will make this easier in the future.

Deployments in the monitored server can now be enabled/disabled and redeployed. Deployment of new content will come in the next release.

Hawkular server deployments

We also have a new web-tab that gives statistics about the web subsystem of the managed WildFly

Wildfly servers web stats

More details for URLs

Hawkular now also collects the current IP address and the server information for the URLs being monitored

URL details

Notable changes in this release were:

  • Implement more app server details as mentioned above

  • Upgrade underlying versions of Hawkular-Metrics and other subsystems

  • More alerting capabilities

Head over to the Full release notes for more details.


We have again run a demonstration of the new Hawkular features:

We plan to do a lot more Alpha releases with even more features, the next Alpha is planned for August 26th, and you can help us :)

Thank you for the contributions!


You can download the release here:

What’s next?

During the weeks until the next release and demo we want to address the following:

  • More details of the application servers

  • Uploading of new applications into managed servers

  • More alerting related changes

  • An easiert to grasp resource naming schema

  • Hopefully definition of jdbc drivers and data sources

Published by Heiko Rupp on 30 July 2015


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