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We are pretty happy, that Hawkular is participating in this years edition of Google Summer of Code (GSoC) with two projects:

Hawkular-metrics deals with computation of values and operations on the raw data. This project is aimed to develop interface for plugins that improve the performance of Hawkular-Metrics making it more dependable, dynamic and extending the scope of its usage in operating with data sets.Plugins are needed to apply statistical algorithms to the data and compute those necessary functions. Such plugins may be plugged in at runtime whenever user wants it to.

Mobile phones, especially smartphones, came to our life very quickly. We use them every day and sometimes more often than our computers. At the moment there is no way to use Hawkular comfortably on Android, there is only a web interface. This conclusion assumes that some work should be done to provide a new way of user interaction with Hawkular. My work is to implement this idea in an Android application for Hawkular.

The later proposal is done together with the Aerogear project. Daniel Passos from AeroGear is the official mentor for the student.

Published by Heiko W. Rupp on 29 April 2015


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