Getting Involved

Community Resources

Meet the developers

There are several ways to join the Hawkular community. The best option is always to talk to people and see what is going on. There are several ways to reach the developers and other community members.


The Hawkular developers hang around on Internet Relay Chat (Irc) on irc://irc.freenode .net/#hawkular (check here of a Web-client if you can’t use a irc client on your machine).


Developer discussions happen on the hawkular-dev mailing list. To join the discussions please visit the list manager page at and subscribe to the list.

Commit messages are sent to the hawkular-commits mailing list. You can subscribe at

Issue tracker

Hawkular issues and feature requests and ideas are captured in the Hawkular Jira instance at There are several individual trackers for the various sub-project, but when in doubt, just use the Hawkular one and we will re-assign the submissions.

Contribute code

All code lives on GitHub under To contribute, fork the respective project(s), implement your changes and open a pull-request. See the developer guide for more information.

Contribute documentation

Similar to code, the Hawkular website and documentation lives under And as with the code, fork the repo, create your changes and open a pull-request.


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